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Whether it was the final straw or simply a soul-searching decision, getting divorced is hard. You may be overwhelmed by immediate concerns as well as worries about the future. You may face financial hardships, stressful situations and wrenching choices.

To survive the process and safeguard your interests, it is important to find a capable, reliable lawyer who is genuinely committed to your needs. I am Elizabeth Comproni, a Boston attorney with more than 30 years of experience representing individuals and families in Massachusetts. I invite you to call me today to discuss your situation in a phone consultation.

Divorce And Child Custody Attorney serving Boston, Quincy, and all of South Shore

My civil litigation practice is concentrated in:

  • Family law matters, including divorce and property, child custody and visitation, paternity actions, child support and protective orders
  • Personal injury cases, including car accidents, premises liability and wrongful death

I have practiced law in Massachusetts since 1991. I practice in the probate and family courts of Norfolk County, Suffolk County, Plymouth and Middlesex County. My legal knowledge, courtroom experience and insights into the specialty of family law provide the edge you need to reach a fair and practical outcome to complex and sensitive matters.

I will help you explore out-of-court solutions to alleviate the stress and animosities of divorce, but I know from experience that some disputes inevitably require litigation. I provide the aggressive representation to stand your ground regarding bottom-line matters of custody, property and financial support.


You may have specific goals or you may not know where to begin. I will sit down with you to listen to your story and explain your rights, obligations and options under the law. Once hired, clients have my cell phone number so that they can always reach me for questions or urgent matters.

For a confidential initial consultation with a Boston family law lawyer, call me at 617-901-0278 or email me today to make arrangements. My office is conveniently located off the Southeast Expressway on the Dorchester/Quincy/Milton line, with ample parking.

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