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Boston Child Custody and Visitation Lawyer

In Massachusetts, child custody determinations are made in accordance with "the best interest of the child." Of course, you and the other parent may disagree on what is best, or the probate judge and court-appointed advocates may have a differing interpretation.

Whether you are going through a divorce or revisiting an existing custody agreement, you need clear and realistic advice from a veteran courtroom lawyer. I am Elizabeth Stiritz, an experienced divorce and family law attorney in Boston, Massachusetts. I offer solid counsel and strong representation for resolving custody disputes and working out the details of co-parenting in the most productive fashion.

Attorney for Visitation Rights and Custody Arrangements Serving Boston, Braintree, and All of South Shore

I practice in the family and probate courts of Norfolk County, Suffolk County and Plymouth County. I can address the options and implications in your child custody dispute, helping you protect your parental rights and your child's well-being without waging a costly and bitter legal battle.

The Massachusetts courts are trending away from the traditional custody-and-visitation model toward shared parenting plans. I have represented many dads who have 50-50 custody, rather than seeing their children every other weekend. The child support statutes have also been amended to reflect this presumption of equal custody rights and equalized participation in raising children.

It is important to work with a lawyer who understands these developments and how to advocate for you within the local judicial system. I bring realistic advice and creative solutions to these sensitive issues. I am familiar with the judges in each county and how they are likely to approach your custody case.

I can advocate for you in all custody-related matters:

  • Contested custody proceedings — sole custody, parent relocation
  • Negotiation of the parenting plan — daily schedules, holidays, duties, communication
  • Determination or modification of child support
  • Modification of custody orders or parenting
  • Enforcement of visitation rights
  • Paternity actions — obtaining support or establishing custody rights
An Experienced and Understanding Lawyer Makes All the Difference in Child Custody Matters

I have extensive experience going to trial in custody cases, but I believe that custody litigation is best avoided. I will make every effort to resolve your case short of trial.

I am a certified mediator as well as a capable trial lawyer. I can help you explore mediation and other avenues to solve the custody puzzle out of court, but I will faithfully and skillfully advocate for you if contested proceedings are necessary.

For a confidential consultation with a Boston child custody and visitation attorney, call me at 617-901-0278 or email me today to make arrangements.

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