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You never thought you would be at this crossroads, but now the reality is setting in that your marriage is ending. You need an advocate who can lead the way, helping you make informed choices about your divorce proceedings and your future.

I am Elizabeth Stiritz, an experienced divorce attorney in Boston, Massachusetts. I handle contested and uncontested divorces in Norfolk County and in surrounding communities of Middlesex, Suffolk and Plymouth counties.

An Experienced and Understanding Lawyer Makes All the Difference in Your Divorce

The many considerations of divorce can be overwhelming, from living arrangements and co-parenting to financial considerations and dividing the marital estate. I am an effective trial lawyer and counselor. I am familiar with the nuances of the law and administrative practices of probate courts from county to county.

I am mindful of the emotions and the stress involved with a divorce. I realize you are worried about the impact on your children, your finances and your own well-being. I will guide you through a difficult process and empower you to make good decisions that protect what is truly important.

Property Division Attorney serving Boston, Quincy, Milton, Braintree, and all of South Shore

I handle both contested divorce and uncontested divorce, as well as legal separations in appropriate circumstances. My clients range from middle-income individuals with modest estates to business owners, executives, professionals and other high earners with complex assets.

Massachusetts law calls for an equitable — but not necessarily equal — distribution of marital property. I can help you understand what constitutes marital property versus separate property, and establish your priorities regarding:

  • The marital home
  • Retirement assets and pensions
  • Stocks and investment portfolios
  • A closely held business
  • Vacation property or other real estate
  • Vehicles and valuables
  • Joint debts and loans
  • Financial support

With some creativity and reasonable compromise trade-offs, even high-asset divorces can be resolved out of court. I am a certified mediator and I encourage clients to consider alternative dispute resolution such as divorce mediation.

However, sometimes asset division and other disputes must be litigated. I am knowledgeable about the statutory factors that the judge must consider, and I will position you to protect your interests and resolve disputes efficiently in any contested divorce proceedings.

Take Control Of Your Massachusetts Divorce

Financial statements and the details of custody arrangements have a great bearing in your divorce, especially in light of recent changes in child support and alimony statutes. My role is to ensure that the court has accurate information and to help you undertake this daunting process with clear goals and realistic expectations.

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