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You may not need to involve the courts, but even in an uncontested divorce you should involve a lawyer. If it turned out that you overlooked something important or were not in full agreement, it could cost you financially or lead to future legal entanglements.

I am Elizabeth Stiritz, an experienced family law attorney who has helped many couples sever the ties of marriage cleanly and amicably through uncontested divorce. My Boston law practice serves clients in Norfolk County and throughout the Massachusetts South Shore.

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An uncontested divorce is an expedited process for dissolving marriage. Once you have a written agreement that covers all the statutory matters, you can get a hearing date and soon go your separate ways. An amicable divorce is relatively quick and cost-effective, and spares you from the roller coaster of contested proceedings.

There is a catch. You must be in complete agreement on everything, including:

I have practiced in civil litigation for more than 30 years and concentrate extensively in divorce and family law. I can draft, review or fine-tune your tentative agreement with your spouse and prepare all the proper forms required by the probate court. I am skilled at identifying red flags that might derail your divorce or come back to haunt you.

Are You a Candidate for an Uncontested Divorce?

Many couples find out the hard way that uncontested divorce is not a do-it-yourself project. They soon realize that they have unresolved disputes about property, child custody or finances. The investment in legal counsel protects your financial interests and parental rights, and helps your divorce go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Consulting a lawyer early in the process, and perhaps engaging in mediation, can iron out any issues before they mushroom into a bigger dispute, keeping you on track for an out-of-court divorce.

A larger estate or case with emancipated children requiring a parenting plan are not necessarily a barrier to an uncontested divorce. I have helped many high net worth clients and parents with young children get divorced out of court.

An Experienced and Understanding Lawyer Makes All the Difference

For a confidential consultation with a Boston uncontested divorce attorney, call me at 617-901-0278 or email me today to make arrangements. Depending on the complexity of your marital estate, I may be able to draw up your divorce agreement for a flat fee.

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